Act&Sorb is a fast growing, innovative start-up, based on a unique recycling solution that addresses the growing problem of non-recyclable MDF waste. Since our inception in 2016 as SME, we have put in place a management team that between them have over 70 years of experience in chemical engineering and project management. Each team member brings with him his own skills set necessary for the successful scale-up of our business.


Dr. Ing. Kenny Vanreppelen MSc

Managing Director/founder

Kenny holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Nuclear Technology. He wrote his thesis on ‘Flash pyrolysis of waste and by-products from the brewing industry’. His PhD research focused on innovative and multidisciplinary research for the development of renewable products from industrial waste. During his last year as PhD researcher, he developed his ground breaking MDF waste recycling process into a start-up: Act&Sorb. Besides his in-depth knowledge of pyrolysis and activated carbon, Kenny has a deep understanding of technology based business development. His know-how and skills have convinced investors of the power of Act&Sorb’s concept.

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Jozef Peuters

Strategy & Systems manager/co-founder

From prevention advisor at Sylvania Tienen, to head of the safety department at Tessenderlo Group, to QSE-HR manager at Sadepan Chimica where he assisted with the grass roots development of a new chemical plant. Jef was appointed QESH manager at Tigro Industries in 2013. He also coaches young engineers in the area of inspection and maintenance and project & process engineering. From 2012 through to 2017 he was chairman of the board of Prebes, a Belgian network association of more then 6,000 prevention advisors.


Uwe Prade MBA MSc


Holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering. Working as chemical engineer and technical manager at BASF he developed products in the wood based panel, automotive and agricultural industries worldwide. He led a research laboratory and gave technical advice on process optimization at MDF and particleboard plants over the world. Moving on to Sadepan Chimica as head of production, logistics, sales, purchase and R&D, he helped with the development and start-up of a new chemical plant. Uwe has a broad network in the chemical and wood based industry in Europe and abroad. Since 2013, Uwe works as independent consultant for product innovation, sustainability and the worldwide trade of chemical products.


Stefan Smets

Director Act&Sorb

After receiving a capital impulse from InnoEnergy, Stefan Smets Business Creation Officer at InnoEnergy was appointed Director of Act&Sorb. He brings with him a vast amount of experience in supporting start-ups and scale-ups, as well as supporting investors with due diligence and development of business plans.


Ing. Tom Haeldermans MSc

Research & Development Engineer

Tom holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Nuclear Technology. He is specialised in environmental technology and R&D. For Act&Sorb, he has been looking in to developing a green roof substrate component from waste. Act&Sorb raised 400,000 euros for this research, funded by Vlaio - the Flemish subsidy fund for innovation - and InnoEnergy.


Jan Caris

Business Coach for Act&Sorb on behalf of InnoEnergy

Jan Caris has extensive experience in industrial operations and general business management in the plastics, cable and wire, metal components, electronic assemblies, batteries and prefab building components sectors. His experience extends from multi-national through to family-owned companies, from start-ups to restructuring mature businesses for operational excellence.


Daniella Teunissen

MBA International Marketing MSc

Brainstormer, branding specialist and PR planner, Daniella is Act&Sorb’s marketing and communication advisor. She brings with her a vast amount of experience supporting technological companies and thinkers in the successful marketing of their products and services. Founder and director of Partner in Marketing, Daniella works within a network of experts that provide sharp solutions to all marketing and communications related issues.

Looking to invest or partner in Act&Sorb?

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