The foundations of the management team of ACT&SORB are located in a joint innovative pilot project some years ago. In the spring of 2015 the team initiated the idea of creating a new SME: Act&Sorb.

Our multidisciplinary team

Although Act&Sorb is a new company, it has a team of senior managers who have over 70 years combined complementary experience in chemical engineering and project management. The team members feature a multidisciplinary set of skills for developing and starting up innovative companies.


Kenny Vanreppelen

is a master Industrial Engineering in nuclear technology with main subject environmental technology/radiochemistry. With his master thesis “Flash pyrolysis of waste and by-products from the brewing industry”. After his master studies Kenny Vanreppelen started a PhD in science: chemistry in combination with a teaching assignment at the faculty of industrial engineering of the university Hasselt. The goal of his PhD thesis was to perform “innovative and multidisciplinary PhD research for the development of renewable products from industrial waste”. This goal is also reflected in the title of the PhD thesis “Towards a circular economy – Development, characterization, techno-economic analysis and applications of activated carbons from industrial rest streams”. During the last year of the PhD, Kenny started with developing his business idea. Kenny is General Director of Act & Sorb.


Uwe Prade

is a master in Chemical engineering. He worked as a chemical engineer and technical manager at BASF AG Ludwigshafen in the department of production and product development of products in the wood based panel, automotive and agricultural industry in Europe and overseas, research and development of downstream products, leading a research laboratory and gave technical advice and process optimization at MDF and particle board plants over the world. During his time at BASF, he received his Master of business administration (MBA). In 2003 Uwe started working for Sadepan Chimica NV Genk where he helped with the development and start-up of a new chemical plant as head of production, logistics, sales, purchase and R&D. Furthermore he was involved in several process optimizations and product developments. In his position he developed a broad network with clients and suppliers in the chemical and wood based industry in Europe and abroad. In 2013 Uwe started his own company Prade Trading & Services where he offers independent consultancy in product innovation and sustainability and worldwide trade of chemical products.


Jozef (Jef) Peuters

is Safety Engineer and Environmental Coordinator with a lot of field experience. He started in 1985 as prevention advisor at Sylvania Tienen where he developed and implemented a safety management system. In 1990 he shifted to Tessenderlo Chemie. In 1996 Jef Peuters became head of the safety department of the Tessenderlo Group. He was responsible for the development and implementation of an integral safety management system, leading and guidance of a team op safety advisors,…  From 2002-2012  Jef became QSE-HR manager at Sadepan Chimica nv where he first helped with the development and start-up grass roots of a new chemical plant. He was responsible for the total management system (incl. HRM), process-risk analysis, environmental permits, certification, guiding internal and external audits (e.g. Seveso, environmental, energy, client) and participated in the research and development. Since 2013 Jef is the QESH manager at Tigro Industries nv. involved in the total management system, certification (ISO 9001, 14001, EN 9120, OSHAS 18001, Responsible Care, …), environmental permits, … Beside that, he coaches a team of engineers responsible for project management, inspection & maintenance and training. From 2012 until 2017 he was chairman of the board at Prebes, a network association of more then 6000 prevention advisors of Belgium. 


Stefan Smets

In April 2017, Act&Sorb was able to make a capital increase through InnoEnergy's help, and from InnoEnergy, Stefan Smets was appointed Director of Act & Sorb. Since 2012, Stefan was Business Creation Officer at InnoEnergy. He has a lot of experience in supporting companies in their start-up and growth phase, supporting investors with due diligence and development of business plans.



Tom Haeldermans

is Engineer and PhD-researcher at Act&Sorb

Since February 2017 Tom Haeldermans works for Act&Sorb to develop a green roof substrate component from waste. Act&Sorb raised 400,000 euro’s for this research, funded by Vlaio – the Flemish subsidy fund for innovation - and InnoEnergy, the European company that supports innovative start-ups on renewable energy and connects them with research institutes, investors and other experts.


jan caris

Jan Caris

is the Business Coach of  Act&Sorb for InnoEnergy.

Jan Caris has extensive experience in industrial operations and general business management in the sectors plastics, cable & wire, metal components, electronic assemblies, batteries and prefab building components; Both in international companies aswel as in a family owned group, from start-up phase to restructuring and operational excellence of mature businesses. Driven by creativity, innovation and growth ambitions, but always with a long term vision in sustainable value creation.